It may seem obvious but in our experience businesses often overlook one of their best assets for acquiring and retaining customers: their customers themselves.

As a research and insights consultancy, we’re often brought in to focus on the unhappy customers. To find out why customers aren’t coming back, why they don’t spend more and how to attract new customers that will. Our recommendation? Use your pool of happy customers to upsell, cross-sell and get new valuable customers on board.

The stats point towards this being a powerful tool - our research shows that 90% of consumers read reviews, 78% have been influenced by reviews and, most importantly, 80% said they trust a brand more because of positive reviews. 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients gather feedback from their customers, but this data is mainly used internally to ensure the business is on track with targets, but not externally to promote the brand. Seems like a missed opportunity to us!

Now, in many of the customer surveys we run for our clients we prompt happy customers to post a review of the brand online. This way, data being gathered for internal measurement also helps to generate a lot of positive reviews externally for the brand. In some cases, our clients’ Google+ reviews for select touchpoints nearly tripled since launching their customer tracker.

It makes me think of the famous Whiskas ad; telling us that 8 out of 10 cats preferred their brand certainly helped back then, and it’s becoming increasingly important for business growth today. Think of some of the most popular brands right now: Amazon, Airbnb, Tripadvisor – much of their success comes from a strong business built on showcasing customer reviews and opinions.

So, if you have lots of happy customers, cats or otherwise, why not use them as a tool to refer and attract new customers to your brand?

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