Walking down the street the other day, 3 guys on bikes with large box-style backpacks passed me within the space of minutes.  It’s not the latest sports craze, but an indication of how popular this new way of ordering take-away has become.  Deliveroo recently announced their 10,000th restaurant to sign up in the UK.

Hungry House, Deliveroo, and Just Eat have all now become familiar brands around many of our towns and cities.   According to our research, 64% of people in the UK say they now order take away food at least once a month; that’s an awful lot of us choosing to give cooking a miss or avoiding having to make the trip to a local restaurant or pub.

It’s not that take away is a new phenomenon – many of us have happily been ordering a Korma, Chow Mein or pizza for years.  It’s just that until relatively recently most of the endless menus landing on your doormat (pizza brands aside) were from the small outlets in your local area.   They weren’t places you tended to, or could, eat in. Most of the time, you knew it wasn’t the best quality food, but you didn’t have to cook or wash up and could justify the spend by telling yourself it was a one-off guilty pleasure. 

Now you can still get your noodles or pizza, but from one of your favourite branded restaurant chains where you have gone for a meal, and which you have often chosen because of the quality of its food.  Take away has gone upmarket.   65% of people say they would now feel happy getting a take-away when entertaining others to save them having to do the cooking. 

For the restaurant brands it’s an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.  So how can they make sure they make the most of it?  It’ll mean thinking about all aspects of the proposition - from potentially larger pick-up areas in the restaurant, packaging that ensures the dish arrives at home as similar as possible as in the restaurant, and technology that offers a seamless and quick experience.

Who will be able to live up to the new ‘premiumisation’ of the take away experience – watch this space!