It's that time of the year again, and we're excited to announce the launch of the Big Restaurant Survey Winter wave on the 24th November. Winter BRS reports will be shared at the end of December.

Opportunity to purchase a question in the Winter Big Restaurant Survey

Deadline 21st November

We’re again offering the opportunity to buy a question or full module in the BRS. Reaching 10,000 respondents in a nationally representative survey would usually cost you in excess of £25,000 but we offer this at a very competitive price. Two restaurants took us up on this offer in the Summer and have already acted on the findings (positioning statements and understanding drivers of lapsing).

For the Winter wave we’re covering all of the same great insights as usual, with renewed focus on five hot topics.

Who are the brands ‘of the moment’?
In an increasingly saturated market with ever more sophisticated customers, the brands of the moment are constantly changing and spotting the next ‘big thing’ is the latest media obsession. Who do UK diners most admire and why? We’ll look at this across various demographic groups e.g. millennials, families, high spender

How well known are the delivery and fast-casual brands and how do diners rate them?
Our perspectives on the growing market for takeout including key threats for the casual dining market. We continue to track the rise of brands such as Deliveroo, UberEats, Amazon and more. 

How could we attract completely new customers?
Who has heard of your brand but never visited? Why have they never tried you? What would tempt them to try for the first time?

What about bringing back lapsed customers?
Why haven’t these customers returned? What would encourage them to try you again? 

What else can we learn about pricing, bill shock and discounting?
We’re collecting a lot more detail around pricing, discounting, including bill shock and its importance for specific occasions. We’ll also seek to get a nuanced understanding of the absolute % discount by occasion (e.g. was it 50% off the main meal or a free drink / starter?)

Please reply to Mat Sloan to confirm your subscription for the Winter wave and to enquire about including additional specific questions for your brand.